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10 Creative Pregnant Halloween Costumes

10 Creative Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Make the most of those for-pregnancy-only clothes with an interesting maternity getup.

You'll get to come up with creative and fun ideas for Halloween costumes for your kids for years and years to come. But the chance to rock a pregnant Halloween costume? That opportunity doesn't come along all that often. When the need arises, be ready with some ideas for maternity getups.

The best pregnant Halloween costumes are ones that you can pull together using (mostly) maternity clothes you already have, since these aren't going to be looks that you're going to re-use again and again. Still, there are tons of easy, last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas that make the most of the big belly. Some, like regular Halloween costumes, are outfits inspired by pop culture (especially some of our favorite movie characters, from films like Fargo or Juno). Others make the most of your arts and craft skills and require a bit of foam board or poster board that you can stick your bump through. And some — our favorites, in fact — are so comfy and easy, they're basically the same as wearing pajamas out of the house. Once you decide what you want to be, you can spend the rest of your time researching baby Halloween costumes for next year.

Avocado Costume

To craft an avocado where your belly is the pit, simply trace the shape on a large piece of presentation board and then cut out a hole for the "pit." Then, paint it with different shades of green with paint. Attach straps to the back to slide your arms through, and then wear a brown shirt underneath. This makes a funny avocado pregnant halloween costumes.

Pearl and Shell Costume

Your baby is precious, just like a pearl. Celebrate it with this undersea-themed costume, which just needs an ivory outfit and some foam boards and craft supplies.

Your baby is precious, just like a pearl. Celebrate it with this undersea-themed pregnant halloween costume, which just needs an ivory outfit and some foam boards and craft supplies. It is a sweet halloween costumes for pregnant women.

The "Babydook" Costume

The Babadook is basically a movie about the horrors of parenthood anyway. Lean into your newfound status by dressing up as a "Mamadook," "Babadook" and "Babydook," this pregnant couple halloween costumes which is somehow both scary and hilarious.

Oh yah, if you're looking for a costume that'll keep you toasty warm, this Fargo star is it. It is a pregnant halloween costumes which has a hat with ear flaps. The ear flaps is most important, and then you can pull together a uniform to wear under your puffy coat.

Winnie the Pooh Costume

This is the cutest costume in all of the Hundred Acre Wood, and it's so easy to put together that a Bear of Little Brain could do it. It also doesn't take too many materials to pull it together.

It's a sunny-side up with a little bit of mischief, and, besides the devil horns, you can make it with things you probably have around the house. And, if you don't like pun costumes, you can always get a bacon hat and go as bacon and eggs.

Disco Ball

You're always the life of the party — just like a disco ball! In addition to the sparkly belly, this mom-to-be also used rhinestone stickers to embellish her face.

Lindsay Boreing from the country-pop band Chasing Ivy used a bike reflector for the bellybutton jewel in this troll costume. Definitely a sign of good luck!

Snowman Costume

Do you want to build (or be) a snowman? Wear this for Halloween — especially if you have a little one going as Elsa — and then you can re-use it for holiday photos.Castaway was a solo movie, but this costume is a couples' affair. The dad-to-be did the belly-painting in addition to dressing as Tom Hanks' character.

How cute are these peas? Their different expressions make this costume all the more fun. And no, of course you don't need to be having triplets to pull this off.

Gumball machines are actually popular Halloween costumes for people of all ages (probably because it's so much fun gluing pom-pom balls or felt circles onto a shirt). But when you're pregnant, this costume really takes the cake!

Rainbow & Pot of Gold Costume

St. Patrick's day isn't the only time of year to celebrate the luck of the Irish — turn your belly into a pot of gold that people can rub for a wee bit o' luck.

Andre Agassi & Tennis Ball Costume

It'll be love-love in this tennis-themed couple's costume this Halloween. An inexpensive black dress with a hole cut out in the middle to show off a neon yellow tube skirt is the secret to this ballin' look.

Mummy-to-Be Costume

An oldie but a goodie! When Jessica Simpson revealed to the world in 2011 that she was pregnant, she did it on Halloween, announcing "I'm going to be a mummy!" To get the perfect fit for your bump, simply wear leggings and a close-fitting top and wrap gauze around yourself.

Emoji Costume

The best part of these emoji costumes is that they're fully customizable depending on your favorite face (or your current mood). Heart-eyes for the win!

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