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11 Top Pregnancy Keepsakes to Keep Every Magical Moment

11 Top Pregnancy Keepsakes to Keep Every Magical Moment

Pregnancy can sometimes feel like it will never end, especially as you get deep into the third trimester and the discomfort reaches an all-time high. But at the same time nine months go by in a flash (even if your body disagrees sometime). That’s why taking time to track all of your pregnancy milestones can be an effective way to remember this special time in your life.

The options are endless for cherishing all those pregnancy benchmarks. You can opt for physical keepsakes or upload photos, videos and other records digitally. Or, you can create keepsakes designed to be passed down to your growing baby.

To help narrow your search, here are a few common categories of pregnancy keepsakes:

Pictures: Maternity pictures of all kinds (like pregnancy announcements, bump pictures and trimester milestones) are a great visual reminder of the natural beauty and awe of pregnancy. You can print copies, decorate the nursery with personalized photos or create digital scrapbooks for your family and friends.

Words: One treasure you and your growing baby will appreciate over time is your words. Journaling, creating words of affirmation and letter writing are all great ways to capture intimate moments of your pregnancy. Digital journaling and voice memos are also great keepsake options if handwriting doesn’t sound fun or isn’t an option.

Chests and boxes: Some parents build up a custom collection of assorted keepsakes and unique items for their little ones down the road. You don’t have to wait until baby arrives to start building his keepsake box or chest, though — many moms love to include their pregnancy-related items in their babies’ boxes.

Clothing and fabrics: Want to track your baby bump in the same outfit, or use the length of your pregnancy to start a new knitting project? Clothing and fabrics can be a great way to spark memories in the future.

How we chose the best pregnancy keepsakes

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We read through hundreds of What to Expect community reviews from moms to see how they remembered this special time and scoured thousands of online reviews to create our list of keepsakes. We aimed to include a variety of options so that any parent can find an option that sounds right for them, too.

Below, the best keepsakes to track your pregnancy and mark milestones.

# 1 Best Pregnancy Stickers

Baby Milestone Stickers by Months in Motion

Pros: Easy-peel, matte finish

Cons: One time use if wearing on clothing

Why We Love It

Sharing your belly bump progress using these pregnancy stickers is a great way to enhance your weekly updates with friends and family. Just snap a picture with the appropriate sticker, and you are instantly ready to post, print or add to your scrapbook. The matte finish also means you don’t have to worry about the glare in your photos. Don’t like the design or color scheme of these stickers? Fear not: You can visit the full Months in Motion store to see more options.

# 2 Best Plush Gift

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

Pros: Easy to use, can store message digitally forever

Cons: Batteries need replaced quite often

Why We Love It

There’s perhaps nothing more magical than hearing your baby’s heartbeat, and this is an adorable way to relive that joyous moment. Just bring the included heart-shaped recorder from the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear to your ultrasound appointment and record 20 seconds of your ultrasound heartbeat. Then, use the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear app to store it in the cloud so you can record other sounds later (like your baby’s first belly laughs or your own special message) without erasing the original audio. Then, the heart recorder goes into the stuffed animal and is played when you squeeze the stuffed animal.

Not sold on a giraffe? You can choose from over a dozen other options, ranging from a bunny to a unicorn.

# 3 Most Practical Keepsake

The Vault Baby Keepsake Box

Pros: Gets more use as baby arrives, holds everything in one place

Cons: May not fit everything you want to store

Why We Love It

If you want to get a headstart on newborn keepsakes, the Vault Baby Keepsake Box is perfect for your collection. This box is super practical in nature, as it has a special place for everything from important paperwork to pregnancy and newborn keepsakes, all organized with neat, aesthetically pleasing labels. The best part is you can simply buy a new box with each new addition to your family, mixing and matching available colors. Never wonder where an important piece of paperwork is or where to store baby’s first onesie again!

# 4 Best Pregnancy Journal Just for You

What to Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer

Pros: Very detailed, lots of writing prompts, all-in-one tracker

Cons: Not for those who don’t like handwriting

Why We Love It

There’s so much to do to get ready for baby, so you understandably might not spend lots of time tracking your pregnancy. Fortunately, this journal and organizer make it easy to jot down some key moments such as that day the test came back positive, your first ultrasound or that very first kick. You can decide how detailed you want to get — you can journal daily, monthly and even share your first postpartum thoughts. The journal also doubles as an organizer, helping to keep you to keep track of appointment dates, birth plans and baby names ideas, despite pregnancy brain fighting against you.

Community Reviews

“I use the what to expect journal and pregnancy organizer… I really like it. it even has a section for the labor and childbirth time.”

- Ashdashlee1992

# 5 Best Keepsake to Share with Baby

Letters To My Baby

Pros: Includes 12 prompted letters, not super time-consuming, stickers included

Cons: Pre-printed pages are a bit small

Why We Love It

Journaling for yourself can be cathartic, but writing to your baby brings out a whole other level of emotion. This Letters to My Baby kit will encourage you to write down thoughts for your baby so he has a lasting memory when he grows up. The provided prompts mean each letter has a specific focus, and you can seal and date each one for future reading. Just keep in mind your baby will need some time to be ready to read each letter, which means you’ll want to remember to store this precious item somewhere safe.

# 6 Best Ultrasound Keepsake

Pearhead Love at First Sight Sonogram Picture Frame

Pros: Specifically designed for ultrasounds, cute text on frame

Cons: Design style not for everybody

Why We Love It

Want a special way to display your favorite ultrasound picture? Pearhead’s Love at First Sight Sonogram Frame provides a simple frame specially created with sonograms in mind. The frame comes in tons of finishes so that you can find an option to match with your home’s decor. You can even order a frame that shows off the sonogram, baby’s first picture, and hospital bracelet, and another that has room for three ultrasound pics organized by trimester. Most importantly and unlike some standard frames, you won’t have to worry about the sonogram fitting the frame, or falling out of place!

# 7 Best Pregnancy Photo Book

My Pregnancy Journey by Mixbook

Pros: High-quality, hardcover or softcover options

Cons: Customization options may be overwhelming

Why We Love It

Tell your pregnancy story in a gorgeous, coffee table-style photo book at a relatively affordable price. Mixbook lets expecting parents upload and customize a beautifully designed book, complete with captions and other enhancements that you can drag and drop onto the pages. The template makes the process less daunting, with prompts to share memorable moments such as ultrasounds, nursery prep, pregnancy cravings, weekly milestones and the baby shower. Once you make your book you can select from multiple book finishes, including a softcover, hardcover or leather, with glossy or matte photo offerings.

Community Reviews

“I've used Mixbook in the past and love it. They have a ton of deals so I never pay full price. Super easy software to use and I love the quality of the books.”

- mbauer12

“Mix book 100%! Great prices and the quality is really high. So much flexibility with designing pages (or as little as you like-fantastic templates). I did a daddy daughter book and my pregnancy journey and both were great. Making a 1 year in review now!”

- JennaS

# 8 Best Belly Cast Kit

Pearhead Belly Casting Kit

Pros: Kit comes with everything you need, easy to do, can decorate it once dry

Cons: Can get messy, a bit time consuming

Why We Love It

What more direct way to remember your pregnancy than with a belly cast? This belly cast safely forms around your belly, and once dry, you are left with a beautiful piece of art to save at home or even show off at your baby shower. The best things about this kit, are that it fits all types of bumps and can be done on your time in the comfort of your home. The brand reassures that all materials are 100 percent baby-safe and non-toxic.

Community Reviews

"Just did [my belly cast] today! It’s been fun to compare it to my first one and my little girl is going to help me decorate this one."

- MB-

# 9 Best Digital Journal


Pros: Texts you easy prompts, easy to use, works with multiple children

Cons: Have to create a profile for each child, physical journals sold separately

Why We Love It

Qeepsake brings convenience and practicality to parents who want to capture special moments, from pregnancy to well into their kids’ childhoods. It’s a digital platform that captures pictures, social media posts, written words and key milestones, all via text. Qeepsake texts you questions about your pregnancy and, later on, your child (for instance, “What makes Georgie happy these days?”) and all you need to do is text back a quick response (plus any cute pics!). You can also add moments in yourself with the accompanying app. When you are ready, you can order a physical journal, or keep it all online. This is an especially useful keepsake for parents with multiple children or those who want helpful milestone reminders.

Community Reviews

“I love Qeepsake! I used it for my last baby and plan to again. It sends a text everyday with a question for you to answer. You can respond with text and a photo. You can also text in photos unprompted as well. And when you’re ready you can order all of your entries in a hardcover book.”

- KatieMay54

“Qeepsake is great. I just had a hardcover book printed for my first child. It is full of all these messages and pics from the first three years!”

- bmcahill

“I use the qeepsake app. love it. I already have hundreds of entries and photos uploaded. … I really do love it for storing everything in one place.”

- dri-18

# 10 Best Pregnancy Announcements

Minted Printed Cards

Pros: Beautifully printed cards, delivered ready to mail out, good customer service

Cons: Not very cost-effective

Why We Love It

To spread the joy of your upcoming arrival, you may choose to send a personalized pregnancy announcement to your family near and far, which will be a treasured keepsake down the line. Minted offers a vast array of designs that can help you craft an announcement that matches your style. Whether it’s a snapshot from your maternity photoshoot, a picture that features big brothers or sisters or even a holiday-themed announcement, the choice is yours for what gets featured on your card. Just upload your photo and create a beautifully printed postcard to share the big news with loved ones. Given all the digital celebrating we have experienced recently, this blast from the past will be a welcome surprise for your loved ones.

Community Reviews

“I love minted!”

- ambergutierrezrosales

“I use Minted for pretty much any mass mailing that I do”

- dontmissthebare

“Minted has the BEST customer service by a landslide!!”

- AlexandraLee2

# 11 Best Pregnancy Sticker App

Baby Story

Pros: Easy to download, great for social media sharing, available for Apple and Android

Cons: Full functionality requires paid upgrade

Why We Love It

If you want to create digital photos that can easily be shared online, the Baby Story app is for you. The app, free if you’re sticking to its basic features, has everything you need to track your growing bump. You can choose from professional filters, artwork designed to match milestones and pick from over one hundred fonts. You can continue using it beyond pregnancy and snap sweet update photos of your growing baby as well.

Community Reviews

“This app is great and was exactly what I was looking for!!!”

- graessera

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