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12 Top Tips for Pregnant Moms at Disneyland

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Whether you’ve planned a trip to Disney and then found out you’ll be pregnant during it or you decided on one last post-baby trip we can help. There is fun to be had while pregnant at Disneyland! While there may be some rides you’ll need to skip there are rides you can still enjoy safely at the happiest place on earth. We share tips on what you need to know before doing Disneyland while pregnant.

Pregnant at Disneyland? Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing like the excitement of a Disney vacation! Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland now require advance planning and reservations. If you’re expecting a baby, you might wonder if you should travel at all?

There’s no need to call off your magical vacation if you’ll be pregnant at Disneyland! Disney theme parks are great at accommodating everyone and that includes expecting mothers. However, there are some considerations to make when planning the trip and certain rides and attractions you shouldn’t attempt.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Disneyland isn’t the only place you can go while you’re pregnant! Check out these great babymoon ideas.

Is Radiator Springs Racers okay for pregnant women to ride?

What if you just found out you’re expecting a baby though you’ve had a Disney vacation planned for a while? These are the must-know tips about Disneyland vacation ride restrictions and advice for new moms heading to Anaheim. Check out these tested tips of what to do in the amusement parks. We also share what to skip if you’re pregnant at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Some of the activities and attractions mentioned in this article may be currently unavailable. Learn everything you know about Disneyland in 2022 and get the details on Disneyland ticket prices for 2022/2023.

2. Disneyland While Pregnant: Deciding When to Go

Pregnant woman at Disneyland - SheBuysTravel

35 weeks pregnant and ready for a Disneyland day trip! Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

In early pregnancy, when women are sometimes plagued with morning sickness and exhaustion, a whirlwind Disney parks trip can be a challenge. The greasy smell from the corn dog cart might be enough to send a pregnant woman over the edge!

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And of course in the third trimester, with swollen feet and an aching back, the last thing you might want to be doing is standing in long queues. Certainly you don’t want to be traveling far from home on a vacation in your late months. It’s a risk being too far from your hospital. Always check with your obstetrician first before traveling, especially if you have a high risk pregnancy or if you’ll be flying.

The second trimester is usually an ideal time to go, if you can plan your Disneyland trip. Hopefully, morning sickness has waned and you’ll still have great energy to take on the Disney parks!

4. Theme Park Ride Dos And Don’ts During Pregnancy

Watch for warnings that expectant mamas should not ride. Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

The Disneyland website has a list of all rides that have restrictions and warnings for expectant moms, outlined below. There are very few rides that offer the restriction for expectant moms; these include mostly vigorous thrill rides or rides that may be jerky or jarring to the body.

Do not ignore those warnings, even if you are still in your first trimester. The sharp stops and G-force pressure of certain rides can injure your delicate cargo so it’s not worth the risk.

5. What Rides Can You Not Ride at Disneyland if You’re Pregnant

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

These rides are not recommended for those expecting.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Indiana Jones Adventure

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)

Disney California Adventure Park Rides that Expectant Mothers Should Avoid

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

Goofy’s Sky School

Grizzly River Run


Radiator Springs Racers

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! (at Avengers Campus)

Disneyland Rides That Can Be Tricky While Pregnant

Pregnant mom and son riding Astro Orbitor at Disneyland - SheBuysTravel

6. Astro Orbitor is safe for pregnant women, but hard to get in and out!

Even if a ride or attraction is okay for expectant moms, you might find it awkward to navigate your pregnant belly into some of these.

The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is a smooth ride that is safe for expectant moms. However, you’ll have to climb down and up a steep spiral staircase and sit in a narrow flip-down chair in a tight space.

In Fantasyland, there are many dark rides that are just fine for expectant moms. Several have small vehicles that may prove challenging to get into. If riding Casey Jr. Circus Train, opt for an open car instead of a caged vehicle. With the Storybook Land Canal Boats, you might have difficulty balancing to get in and out of the boat if you’re in your later months.

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes may also offer challenges getting in and out of the canoe. Take care not to exert yourself rowing the oar. Plus you won’t be shaded and it gets hot out there on the water. I’d recommend skipping this one.

Astro Orbitor ride vehicles are a challenge to get in and out of without assistance. They are safe to ride but you may find it hard to maneuver into the rocket. Same with Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Soarin’ is fairly comfortable to sit and fasten into but the can add motion sickness to those already fighting morning sickness.

7. Where to Rest at Disneyland While Pregnant

When I visited Disneyland in the later months of my pregnancy, I did a bit more resting in the shade with my feet on a bench instead of standing in queues. There are plenty of places you can rest your swollen feet and still enjoy the Parks.

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Find a shady spot and a bench to yourself. Consider bringing a small pillow to set at your back or to sit on to make yourself more comfortable.

Stake out a great seat on the parade route ahead of time and save places for your family to join you later.

A grand circle tour on the Disneyland Railroad offers almost 20 minutes of rest and fresh air along with a relaxing tour around Disneyland Park.

Pull up a chair and enjoy the cool air that blows across the waters of the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Ride an all ages/all heights ride that’s indoors like Pirates of the Caribbean.

8. How to Keep Up Healthy Food Habits at Disneyland

Salad with chicken at Disneyland - SheBuysTravel

It’s not all burgers and fries! Healthy food can be found at Disneyland. Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

Keep up with your healthy habits by eating plenty of fruits and veggies (don’t forget to pack your prenatal vitamins!). Limit your sodium intake and stay well hydrated to reduce swelling in your feet and legs.

You can bring your own water bottles and snacks into the Disneyland Resort Parks to make sure you are getting the healthy and nutritious food you (and your baby) need.

9. Dress Appropriately: What to Wear While Pregnant at Disneyland

Pregnant woman at Disney California Adventure park - SheBuysTravel

Stretchy, breathable clothes are best at Disney Parks.

Wear comfortable shoes and consider taking a second pair to switch into if you are prone to swelling. I like to start off with tennis shoes and switch over to well-cushioned sandals in the evening.

Dress in layers. If you get hot or chilled so you can add or remove layers as needed.

Ditch the heavy purse and pack light. Carry a small backpack or tote that you can put on and take off easily. Or consider renting a locker to store your items until you need them.

Why not rock a cute shirt from Amazon like this Beauty and the Bump one, this Bibbidi Bobbidi Bump one, or this amazing Halloween one!

Check out this list of important items all pregnant women should pack for a Disney vacation.

Ahh, Air Conditioning!

10. Designated dining areas are a place to rest and eat at Disney California Adventure.

Keep rested inside by finding attractions that combine sitting along with cool air.

Soak in a little history (and air conditioning) inside The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is a whimsical place with cushioned benches…and you can bring in a snack! Grab a Dole Whip on the way inside.

Oh yes, the looping music is worth 15-minutes inside the sublimely air-conditioned “it’s a small world”. You might want to ride it twice!

If you have little ones, get there early for the Disney Junior Dance Party! show. There are benches across the back of the theater (otherwise you’ll have to sit on the carpet).

Plenty of sit-down restaurants have both outdoor and indoor dining. Gives yourself a break and a healthy meal. Look for marked designated dining areas.

11. Other Things to Do When You’re Pregnant at Disneyland

Get baby’s first visit button on your trip! Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

Take ALL the baby bump pictures in the park. There are Disney PhotoPass photographers everywhere around the parks to capture your memories! Request “magic shots” and you’ll never know what they’ll add on post production- usually something magical like a Disney character or a pixie dusted frame.

Take a photo with Mickey Mouse as you hold your sonogram photo.

Get your baby’s name embroidered on their first pair of Mouse Ears.

Photograph it on the wall near Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Shop for your baby’s first official Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Request a complimentary “First Visit” button for your new baby. These are found at City Hall or any guest services location. The Cast Member may even be able to personalize it with your child’s name.

Need help planning your Disney trip? Get all your questions answered from our Disney Planning & Fun Facebook Group!

12. Bathroom Breaks at Disneyland

Find the locations of restrooms on the Disneyland app.

Little miss or mister frequently doing the hot dog dance on your bladder? Familiarize yourself with the bathroom locations on the Disneyland mobile app on your smart phone. Always take a potty break before getting on a ride (you don’t want to get stuck when the urge strikes!)

Listen to Your Body

Now is not the time to push your vacation to the limits. If you’re pregnant at Disneyland, you’ll need to take more breaks than usual. Pregnancy can be very hard on your body, and with exhaustion and discomfort already at the max, there is no need to exacerbate any issues.

Take a break inside the First Aid station if you feel uncomfortable or in pain. The nurses inside First Aid can help you out and offer a place to lie down for a while.

If you’re exhausted, go back to your hotel room for a refreshing swim or to take a nap. The Disneyland Hotels (especially Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa) are close by for a quick return from the parks to the room.

Get plenty of sleep even if that means going to bed while everyone else in your group is still up late watching the fireworks.

If you are truly miserable and can’t walk, consider renting a wheelchair or motorized scooter in the Park to minimize the amount of time you are on your feet.

Look forward to your next trip when your little one will be with you to enjoy it and you’ll be researching what babies can do at Disneyland!

Where to Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets

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Pregnant at Disneyland? There’s actually a lot to do at the two Disney parks in California! Find out what rides are safe to do and how to manage a Disneyland day when you’re an expecting mother. Get the details on exactly what rides and attractions to skip! You’ll know what to pack with you on your vacation, where to rest and fun ways to celebrate your baby bump at Disney!

Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy

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