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18 Must-Haves for Moms Who (Really) Hate Breastfeeding

Here are 18 of my absolute must haves for the breastfeeding mama which are the remaining in consolation, luxurious and guide.

As a new mama, breastfeeding can truly suck on occasion. Nipple pain, spilled milk, tension approximately deliver, call for and cluster feeding, and the dearth of sleep, is like an initiation to motherhood boot camp. Whilst my postpartum tension over breastfeeding crept in, it might hit like a ton of bricks. I began studying products that would help make breastfeeding less complicated, greater comfy and enjoyable. I’m now 17 months into breastfeeding and without those merchandise, I’m not positive I ought to have made it this far.

1. Hotmilk Nursing Bras.

Whether or not you are part of the itty-bitty titty membership or have massive kahunas like me, when you are breastfeeding, you’ll in all likelihood have honorary memberships in each golf equipment. So, how are you going to stay secure even as going up and down bra sizes more than one times in an afternoon?

Pre-pregnancy i used to be a 32G, while my breastmilk got here in I went up to a 32J. In no way in my wildest goals did I assume I ought to with no trouble put on a wire-loose nursing bra. I’d pass into the maternity stores simply to have them all be too small right here or too massive there. After my sixth nursing bra fail, and refusal to hold wearing my tired sports bra, i found Hotmilk. I ordered a couple brands and ended up returning the others to shop for three more Hotmilk ones.

Fine capabilities

At ease, lovely, and elegant

Surprisingly useful and lengthy-lasting

In preference to the standard 3 hook-and-eye closure, warm Milk bras have 6, permitting your bra to effortlessly grow with the ebb and waft with your breastmilk

Sizing as much as M-cup, and the styles are lovely! This ain’t your granny’s nursing bra

Where to shop for

I’ve visible them on Amazon, however i purchased without delay from Hotmilk.Com due to the fact they have better selection and extra patterns. I also ordered Hotmilk from Figleaves.Com and was capable of return and change my bras without a troubles from both sites.


$30.00 and up.

2. The OVer Co. Mama robe

This is the kind of robe that makes you feel such as you’re that vintage Hollywood mama who washes and sets her hair every morning, wears purple lipstick and presses her kid’s onesies. It makes you sense lovely, chic and so enormously relaxed with the fact of the residence that smells like spit-up, laundry piled to the ceiling and hair that hasn’t seen water in a over per week.

But seriously, i like my mama robe, regardless of how tired i'm, sink complete of dishes and any other pooplosion, when I positioned my gown on, I sense like i will take at the day with magnificence and fashion.

Fine functions

Beautifully reduce to hug your curves in all of the right places

Designed for clean nursing

¾ sleeves and deep pockets to avoid messy cuffs and shop the necessities

Internal tie and outer back tie that allows you to regulate the size as your frame modifications

Where to buy

The OVer Co. Is a circle of relatives-owned Canadian organization. I really like to help local and Canadian brands on every occasion possible. You may locate them here.



Three. Comfy Slippers

I put on my slippers from the instant i get off the bed to the second i am getting back into it and can or may not have accidently left the house a time or two with them on. That feeling of slipping your tootsies into a heat plush cloud within the morning continually starts my day proper. Oh, did I point out it also is so first-rate to keep away from stepping on spilled meals, mashed bananas and toys? Yea, all of us realize that sweeping and mopping the floors every day is not taking place, however that gross feeling of little crumbs to your feet is in order that gross.

Apart: My hubs offered these Dream Pair slippers for me 2 years in the past at Christmas, because my decrease back had blown out once more and that i wanted the extra help. We've got all wooden and slate floors at the house and bending over down into the crib countless instances didn’t assist recovery. If there was an afternoon that I didn’t put on my slippers, I ought to experience it in my back proper away.

Fine functions

The maximum comfy, cozy slippers I’ve ever had

Backless, smooth slip on/off

Helps my decrease lower back

Tremendous durable, after 2 years of each day use – they’re nonetheless in brilliant circumstance.

Wherein to shop for

Samer observed these for me on Amazon. In case you’re inside the U.S. You can shop on their internet site, here.


$88.Ninety nine

Four. A chic Scrunchie

So that you’ve slipped to your vintage Hollywood mama robe, dipped your ft into clouds and are carrying a killer attractive nursing bra, what about that hair which you haven’t washed in god is aware of how lengthy? I got you included Mama. Get those messy bun skills moving into 3 seconds flat with a scrunchie from The Baesic sew. I've 4 of her home made scrunchies and love them due to the fact they’re large, formidable and delightful. These scrunchies add quantity and oomph to my limp locks and are all-day comfy.

Best capabilities

These scrunchies are first-class and huge so they add lots of quantity on your hair

She is constantly including new colorings, fabric and patterns

Headwraps are to be had too if that’s more your element

No uncomfortable tight ponies, those preserve your hair in vicinity without tugging or pulling.

In which to with the aid of

Nearby love! You’ll locate The Baesic stitch in Calgary and should purchase on line from her Etsy shop, right here


$7.00 and up

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First-rate functions

Complete range of apparel alternatives from t-shirts, to dresses, rompers and swimming wear

Style meets feature

Plenty of lovable and cozy styles

In which to buy

Discover Boob layout garb right here.


$39.50 and up

Satisfactory capabilities

Full variety of garb alternatives from t-shirts, to clothes, rompers and swimming wear

Fashion meets feature

Plenty of lovely and comfy styles

Where to buy

Find Boob design garb right here.


$39.50 and up

High-quality features

Helps low milk supply

Tremendous for mamas whose breast length didn’t increase or have had preceding breast surgical procedures

Facilitates with blood sugar manage

PCOS hormonal fluctuations

Handwritten thank-you notes with every online order

Where to shop for

Another superb Canadian organization, and nearby to Calgary. Store on line from their website, right here. In addition they have a store locator in case you favor to store in-keep.


$39.Ninety nine (I got mine for 25% off for the duration of a sale).

7. Milkin’ more Lactation Cookies

Triple chocolate explosion, birthday cake and lemon burst flavors that raise your deliver? Bring forth the cookies and milk, baby! After I asked my other mama pals approximately these lactation cookies, all of them raved about them so they may be a ought to-have by means of greater than simply this mama.

High-quality features

Umm, did you notice the birthday cake flavour?

7 flavours in all to fulfill anything cravings you’re having

Premade Cookies, but in addition they have oatmeals, cookie mixes, powders and snacks

Want to reduce your supply? Test out their Milk No more cookies and mixes

Where to shop for

Assisting my Canadian babes out in Saskatoon, SK. You could find them on-line right here.


$18.00 and up

8. Mom’s Milk herbal Tea

This tea is a blend of conventional herbs which might be know to help sell lactation. It has a slightly bitter, licorice flavor to it, and that i drank a whole lot of this in the first 4 months or so. I’m a huge fan of traditional Medicinal teas, and generally have a few packing containers of various natural teas reachable. In case you’re seeking to increase your deliver, provide this a whirl. It may take up to a few weeks or so for a few mamas (like me) so see an improvement, however others say they’ve noticed in only some days.

Nice features

Promotes lactation

If you like licorice, you’ll love this tea

Facilitates maintain you hydrated assisting your milk supply

Where to buy

Traditional Medicinals teas are observed at maximum grocery shops and Amazon



Nine. Nipple Balms

They yank, chunk, tug and grind and you’re left with what resembles the ones rubber thumb covers that bankers used to use to be counted cash. My little had a shallow and very terrible latch that left me with nipples so painful I couldn’t face ahead in the shower for months. I tried a gaggle of various nipple creams and ointments. Breastmilk works wonders at supporting to heal and repair, but for an awesome barrier ointment, these have been the nice for me.

Rumina Naturals definitely Tallow

Carries organic, grass-fed pork tallow that enables to soothe irritated and dry skin. I found on the spot relief with this product, and most effective determined it a month in the past. I desire I had it from day 1.

Wherein to buy

You could discover the absolutely Tallow on-line here, or take a look at out their keep locator.



Island Naturals Surfer Salve

This turned into given to me with the aid of a near buddy of mine who swore with the aid of it. I began the usage of it in any case my different nipple creams and ointments just didn’t do the process. It changed into the simplest factor that gave me relief until i found the Rumina Naturals completely Tallow.

Some thing in reality cool occurred, on every occasion I positioned it on. I might instantly leak breastmilk. There have been generally that i might have to snatch my Haakaa or Medela pump to collect the dripping milk. One time I stuffed 60mL in 20 minutes right after making use of this.

Wherein to shop for

Appropriate ol’ Amazon has this infant, or you can buy direct from Surfer Salve


$8.00 and up

10. Postpartum Queen field

The closing aspect you want to be disturbing approximately at the same time as your breastfeeding is the ache and pain out of your vaginal or stomach beginning. These boxes are customized on your delivery and are jam full of products that will help you heal, continue to exist and thrive at some stage in postpartum. Internal you’ll find heaps of candies like sitz baths, overnight pads, nursing pads, lip balm, pores and skin and scar balm, a warm/bloodless p.C., perineal spray and lots of local service discounts and coupons.

Quality capabilities

Customized products on your delivery (vaginal or C-section a.K.A ‘belly birth’)

There’s a container especially for the non-breastfeeding mama too

$100s in savings, coupons and reductions for nearby products and services

Only a freakin’ splendid postpartum ‘survival package’ to assist assist restoration, consolation so you can get back to feeling like a Queen once more

In which to shop for

Every other nearby love enterprise! Postpartum Queen is based totally out of Calgary, AB. You should purchase their kits right here


$109.99 (non breastfeeding kits start at $84.00)

11. Jolly Jumper Nursing Pillow

It’s now not only a nursing pillow! This infant is freakin’ outstanding. Samer, my hubs loves it too… for resting on the ground, no longer nursing… don’t be weird. I tried a pair of different nursing pillows and this turned into by way of far my preferred. It’s awesome tender, breathable and ohh so relaxed. The boomerang style gives you masses of support for anything role you like to breastfeed. The breathability thing become the massive issue even though. I had every other nursing pillow that I concept I would like greater, however I’d grow to be getting some most important switties, and that pillow is now tucked within the back closet somewhere.

Excellent features

Very smooth, non-allergenic material, cleans clean

Exceptional for nursing twins or switching left and proper aspects

Relieves pressure and fatigue out of your decrease back, neck and fingers

Multi-purposeful – use it for a frame pillow, ground pillow

Use as a help for tummy time

In which to buy

You may locate this at most infant shops, and Amazon


$55.Ninety seven

12. Haakaa

This infant stored my ever pumpin’ boobs and tension-crammed breastmilk mind. By using far the great investment I made for a whopping $22.00. This sucker attaches to at least one breast whilst the babe nurses on the alternative. Switch facets whilst the baby is carried out and it’ll gather the letdown milk and leftover milk, genius! No batteries, tubes or noise. You may legitimate walk around the residence nat-geo fashion and they gained’t pop off. I ended up shopping for multiple and reduce manner lower back the use of my electric powered pump.Quality capabilities

Convenient and compact

Comes in a couple of sizes (a hundred-250mL)

Silicon base prevents tipping over

Lovable flower stopper accessory prevents spilling

Wherein to buy

I purchased mine off Amazon, however I’ve visible them in some pick out toddler stores.


$22.00 and up

13. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

There are so many breast pumps available on the market that declare to be the nice. Ultimately, there’s no person size suits all, each mama’s unique and no boobs are the identical. Medela has a excellent reputation and is a depended on logo amongst many hospitals, clinics and lactation specialists. The Medela Freestyle breast pump worked properly for me, it changed into very handy, compact and will do housekeeping whilst pumping. I do tremendously suggest a pair extras when investing in a breast pump.

Getting a palms-loose pumping bra or just making your own with a few good antique scissors and an old sports bra.

Making sure the breast shields are suited for you. I had to go out and get smaller breast shields than the ones that got here with the pump and it made a international of difference with comfort and reducing nipple discomfort.

13. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

There are such a lot of breast pumps on the market that claim to be the fine. In the end, there’s no one length suits all, every mama’s specific and no two boobs are the equal. Medela has a brilliant reputation and is a trusted brand amongst many hospitals, clinics and lactation specialists. The Medela Freestyle breast pump worked properly for me, it became very handy, compact and could do home tasks at the same time as pumping. I do exceptionally advocate a couple extras when making an investment in a breast pump.

Getting a hands-free pumping bra or just making your very own with some correct vintage scissors and an old sports activities bra.

Ensuring the breast shields are suited to you. I had to go out and get smaller breast shields than the ones that got here with the pump and it made a global of difference with comfort and lowering nipple soreness.

First-rate functions

Pump at the cross, you don’t must live still the entire time (ensure you get the arms-free pumping bra though!

Light-weight, compact and travel pleasant

Clean to set-up, take apart and clean.

There is a more recent version of the freestyle pump out now.

Where to buy

Aid your nearby Calgary business and buy from Nourish Lactation or Amazon


$510.Ninety nine and up

14. Nuk Milk storage baggage

Maximum milk garage luggage are pretty comparable, I just took place to truly just like the NUK emblem. Perhaps as it turned into the most reliably stocked breastmilk garage bag at most stores. Once I’d run out of baggage, I constantly knew that the consumers down the street would have them in stock and i didn’t see every other type. So the NUK baggage are a win for me in basic terms for comfort and availability.

Quality features

Larger potential

Double zip lock so you can freeze the luggage flat with out spills

Stocked at maximum grocery stores for the ones ultimate minute choose ups

Wherein to buy

You’ll find NUK storage baggage quite lots anywhere that has a toddler section. But in case you don’t wanna go away the house, Amazon is here for you.


$7.86 on Amazon, however there are lots of in-store income at places like customers

15. Nourish Lactation Consulting

If there’s one prenatal elegance I desire i might have taken, breastfeeding education and assist might have been it. Even after my 3 day labour at home, i would a hundred% scrap the beginning prep magnificence for breastfeeding education! Leanne is the owner of Nourish region in Calgary, AB and she or he is an absolute saving grace in relation to breastfeeding/pumping. As a nurse, mother and IBSLC (worldwide Board licensed Lactation representative), she is precious with the know-how, revel in and her compassionate support for mamas. She offers in-home, on line and speak to assist so as to provide self belief to even the maximum worried, stressed out and demanding breastfeeding/pumping mama (like me!).

Fine functions

In-home, online, cellphone and drop-in breastfeeding support

She’s been there! Leanne is a nurse, mama and IBCLC

Nourish Lactation has a web keep for breastfeeding resources

“satisfied Mamas and infants, assured”

In which to buy

Domestically loved in Calgary, AB at Nourish Lactation


Services begin at $175.00, present cards are $20.00 and up

Sixteen. Booby food

Lengthy stay your breastmilk! You’ve labored difficult for that liquid gold, lets ensure you don’t waste a drop. Booby food is a provider based out of Calgary, AB so as to pick out up your frozen breastmilk and freeze dry it into shelf solid, journey pleasant powder that lasts for YEARS. Yea, YEARS! Breastmilk stored inside the freezer lasts most effective three-one year and looses vitamins the longer it’s inside the frozen. Freeze drying your breastmilk locks in nutrients and takes out the water content – permitting it to be preserved for up to ten years. I love Booby meals because you could upload it to your babes food when their getting onto solids to help ease the transition, feed older babes discreetly and beef up any meal or beverage with greater nutrients. Heck, you could make Mac and cheese healthier by means of sprinkling some of your personal Booby meals on it!

Pleasant capabilities

Saves your breastmilk from expiring early or going to waste

Use as an awful lot or little of your breastmilk as you need, no greater thawing a whole bag simply to apply half of

Keeps vitamins for years longer than conventional freezer storage

Travel without difficulty together with your breastmilk, anywhere, every time.

Helps babes transition to strong foods whilst mixed in

Wherein to buy

Born and raised in Calgary, AB at Booby meals


Booby food service is $249.Ninety nine and up, gift cards $five.00 and up

17. Sofa storage Organizer

Allow’s talk cluster feeding lets? Cluster feeding is while your babe desires to nurse multiple times in an hour. This will extend for plenty, many hours or even a few days. Maximum of the time it occurs in the past due afternoon, early nighttime. I take into account texting Samer saying that i have been a dairy cow for 10 hours immediately and all I need are those snacks at the counter! This sofa organizer is a brand new nursing mom’s nice buddy. % it complete of snacks, magazines, baby wipes, you call it, you’ve were given it inside attain.

High-quality capabilities

6 pockets to hold all your cluster feeding requirements

Anti-slip material

Gadget cleanable

Is available in four shades

In which to buy

Discover this toddler on Amazon


$24.00 and up

18. Portable Mini fridge/warmer

Ok, this is a really perfect pairing with the couch storage. A female friend of mine advised me her husband offered her a mini-refrigerator to put next to the couch. She could cluster feed for loopy long stretches every day too and i thought this was a genius idea and ought to proportion!

Hold your fruit, water, sandwiches, pickles or some thing your breastfeeding cross-to is prepared and sparkling and within attain for each time you want them. This child serves as each a refrigerator and a hotter so if you may’t consume your warm dinner now, you may nonetheless have it later.

Quality capabilities

You may eat Mama, consume no extra skipped food or snacks

Continues your meals cold OR heat

Small and portable

Is available in 3 lovely hues

Where to shop for

Keep from your sofa on Amazon


$sixty four.99 and up

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