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19 Photoshoot Summer Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, it’s a time full of surprises, growing bellies, and moments you want to remember. Looking back at my pregnancy, the thing I regret the most is not taking enough photos to document the journey.

So, this time around, I’m not making the same mistake. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are full of expectant mothers, strutting their stuff. Some are announcing their pregnancy, while others just want to show off their bump.

Either way, there are plenty of maternity photoshoot ideas. Today, I’ve gathered 19 of the most creative, sweet, and even funny.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Indoors

In the Nursery

Reading In the Nursery

Cozy by the Window

The Goddess of Maternity

Become the goddess of maternity by posing in front of a large window with light, flowy curtains. Wear something flowy as well, like a maxi dress and a flower crown. It has a wow-factor and is a bit theatrical.

Couch Shot

Take It to the Bedroom

You don’t need much for this — pretend to get out of bed, or pose while on it. You can wear a rope that drapes around your body to show your belly. Or just hold it and give a loving smile.

Pretty in Lace

Wear something with lace so that your belly shows, and then pose and give a slight smile. This idea plays with the colors of the clothes, hair, and surroundings — everything is in harmony.

Sexy Maternity

Pregnancy is beautiful, so why not celebrate your growing body? Put on your favorite lingerie and strike a sexy pose. The photo may be Instagram-worthy.

Can’t Get Up

Lay down on the floor with your legs up against the wall. Wear something that shows your bump, and hold it while you stare at the roof. The photo will be a simple but beautiful one of you relaxing with your belly.


Fairytale Forest

If you have a forest or woodland near you, this idea is fantastic. Become the fairytale queen by wearing an evening gown that shows your belly. Then, have the photographer create a foggy effect around you — it’s mysteriously breathtaking.

By the Lake

Take your photo by the lake during fall — the trees will add a superb contrasted background while you strut your stuff. Wear a flowy gown and a flower crown, and then pose by the water.

Mommy and Me

Another idea that includes a lake is a mommy and me shoot — it’s perfect if you’re expecting your second child. Try to match your outfit with your child’s, and then hold them while posing. The lake creates a beautiful background, full of nature, light, and colors.

Field of Maternity

A dramatic place to celebrate your maternity is a field full of tall grass and flowers. Pick a time when the light is low, preferably around sunrise. Wear something light and comfortable, like a flowy maxi dress, and pose while sitting in the grass.

The Secret Tree

Become one with nature by dressing up in a green gown and standing by a tree in the park or backyard. Ask the photographer to catch the light through the leaves while you pose with a smile.

Summer Garden

If you have a thriving garden or a place you can go to, dress up in a flowy summer dress and strike a pose. Embrace your belly while staring off in the distance.

Gender Reveal

Combine your maternity photoshoot with a gender reveal. Gather your family and have either pink or blue smoke in the background, revealing the baby’s gender. You can always go to a beautiful location for the shoot.

Lay with Me

Show your love in the photo by lying down with your husband — have him hug you and your belly. Not much is needed for this shot, but it will become something you’ll look back on and rejoice in.

Tiny Shoes

Find a suitable location and then place a pair of baby shoes in the foreground with you and your husband in the background. In the image, either you or the shoes will be blurry, but if done right, it’s a winner.

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