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33 Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Easter Season You’ll Love

Spring is in the air and that means you have some big news to share! Grab this adorable social media Easter pregnancy announcement, and it is fully customizable. I love the garland – it has all the perfect spring colors.

Egg-pecting Someone New

Spring means new life, so it’s the perfect time to announce that someone new is joining your family.

Spring Baby Girl Announcement

Here is a sweet Easter pregnancy announcement to share the news of your new little girl. It has all the girly spring colors and cute baby girl shoes in this social media flat lay announcement.

Little Bunny Boy

Got a little boy on the way? You need this adorable bunny boy pregnancy announcement. This announcement has all the adorable elements, and it’s perfect to announce the arrival of a new baby boy.

In a Gorgeous Flower Field

Tulip fields and farms are all the rage lately (at least in my area). Grab your partner and take some beautiful, spring pregnancy announcement photos in a field of colorful flowers. Use your ultrasound, a personalized onesie, or a letter board as a prop, but simply holding your belly makes for a great reveal too!

This is one of the prettiest Easter pregnancy announcements for sure!

Crack and Egg Open

Looking for a unique way to announce your pregnancy? These quail eggs are each unique and beautiful. Once cracked open they will reveal your news to whoever is around. These pregnancy announcement eggs would be a perfect addition to an Easter basket for your parents or even older children. What a fun way to learn the news! You can find these fun announcement eggs on Etsy.

We’re Eggspecting T-shirt

Using this fun play on words, and this adorable t-shirt you can announce to everyone that you little one is on the way in a fun way. You can pop the shirt on and snap a picture, or even show up at your family Easter dinner sporting the shirt and wait to see who notices first! You can grab this t-shirt for yourself on Etsy.

A New Peep is Coming!

You get to eat peeps for two now! As someone who is on the peeps-are-yummy team (it’s controversial, didn’t you know?), I love this adorable pregnancy shirt. I would wear this for a fun photo shoot – maybe dad can dress up as the Easter bunny!

Our Nest is Blessed

If you want an easy way to announce your pregnancy in a beautiful way, purchasing one of these Easter-themed, flat lay digital downloads from Etsy are perfect! It has everything you need in one perfect digital download. This means you don’t have to waste any money on photo props that you will only be using once! Grab it here if you love easy digital pregnancy announcements.

These New Parents Sure Are Egg-Cited!

Hold up a sign that shows how Egg-Cited you are to be welcoming your new baby in the coming months! This is the best way to make an Easter play-on-words for your pregnancy announcement.

Under the Spring Blossoms

What says spring more than blooming magnolia trees or cherry blossoms? If you have some beautiful tree or flower blossoms in your area, you’ll get a gorgeous photo to make your spring pregnancy announcement.

Let Egg-Cited Big Brother Tell The Big News

These excited big brothers can’t wait to tell of their family on social media the big news – they have a new sibling coming! Grab the chalkboard announcement for a photo frame, and you’re ready to go with this simple yet adorable Easter pregnancy announcement!

Mommy and Daddy Bunny Shirts

These adorable matching t-shirts are a great way to announce to everyone that you have a little bunny on the way! Take a photo to send to friends and family or show up to your Easter party wearing them. You can grab your matching set here.

Our Little Bunny

This customizable digital download will allow you to announce to everyone about your little bunny on the way without purchasing the actual props for the photo. Perfect for those last-minute announcements!

Chick is Set to Hatch

There’s a little chick that’s waiting to hatch in your belly! This adorable photo of dad kissing your belly brings a whole new idea now that you’re pregnant. Display it with a chalkboard and this saying.

Easter Scratch Off Cards

These adorable scratch off cards on Etsy are the perfect addition to your Easter celebrations! Pop them in the mail to family and friends, add to a cute Easter basket, or simply hand them out at your family’s Easter dinner!

Hatching Some Bunny!

I think this picture with the sonogram in the basket is adorable. You could even set this up after an egg hunt with your family on Easter as a surprise for all the relatives! The sign is customizable and fits in a picture frame.

A Bonus Egg in Your Easter Basket

This photo is a gorgeous way to announce your Easter pregnancy. Simply write the details on separate eggs in the basket, include an ultrasound, and place yourselves in the background.

Some Bunny Has A Secret

Ready to let the world in on your secret this spring? Announce with a cute chalkboard sign and pregnancy announcement egg.

Egg-specting Some Bunny

This fully editable, Easter-themed digital download is a quick and easy way to make your pregnancy announcement this spring! Simply purchase from Etsy, download, and post it for everyone to see! Figuring out Easter pregnancy announcements doesn’t have to be complicated.

Flower Bouquet

Use a beautiful flower bouquet with your ultrasound picture inside for a beautiful and simple spring pregnancy announcement everyone is sure to love. The vibrant colors and simplicity of the photo makes it one of my favorites!

Promoted To Big Sister

Get your furbaby in on the action with this adorable Easter Pregancy announcement idea! All you need is an easter basket, some bunny ears, a chalkboard sign, and some plastic eggs!

Time to Spill The Beans

It’s time. to spill the beans! This fun pregnancy announcement is a fun and colorful way to announce your new little jelly bean’s arrival. And to keep things simple you can purchase the customizable digital download on Etsy.

Spring Wreathe

This is a beautiful flat lay for a spring pregnancy announcement. The best part is that you don’t have to buy all the supplies and take the great picture yourself. Simply purchase and download the digital file from Oh My Cuteness Shop on Etsy.

Easter Wreathe

This Easter wreath makes the perfect backdrop for your Easter pregnancy announcement. Simply grab an Easter wreath, a customizable onesie for your little one and snap the photo! As an alternative, you can also purchase this digital download on Etsy to keep things simple!

Spring is in the Air

If you’re not too keen on an Easter pregnancy announcement, you can always use a seasonal spring pregnancy reveal, like this one, instead. You can imitate these images yourselves by taking your own photos or simply purchase them already created from Just Simply Mom Designs on Etsy.

Mama Bunny and Baby Bunny

Show off that adorable baby bump with this Mama and Baby Bunny shirt. It’s so cute, and they have all different shirt colors to pick. Rock this shirt when you go to Easter dinner and surprise all your family members.

Easter Basket Announcement

What better way to announce your Easter Pregnancy than with a fun Easter Basket? Pull this announcement off easily with a basket, and some plastic or dyed Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Announcement

Use beautiful and vibrant Easter Egg colors to announce your baby coming soon! Tip: Using a white crayon on the egg before dying will produce the beautiful white letters!

Guess What’s Hatching?

If you want an easy way to tell your close friends that a new bundle is on the way, hide some eggs for an easy Easter egg hunt and fill the eggs with the announcement. This could be a piece of paper with your due date, a small sonogram picture, or even a pacifier!

Some Bunny Is Expecting Banner

Using this simple banner you can snap a photo for a beautiful flat lay announcement or consider hanging it up and posing underneath for a more special announcement photo!

No matter how you decide to announce your pregnancy this spring, I know it will be perfect! Whether it’s an Easter pregnancy announcement, Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement, or just a spring-themed reveal, I hope you got some good ideas here.

Did you use any of the above Easter pregnancy announcements ideas? Drop a photo below! Have a favorite you would like to add- let me know!

Pet-themed: Your “baby” is going to be a big sib

Get your fur baby to wear or pose with a “big sister” or “big brother” spring-themed bandana like this one and let your pet be prominently featured in announcing that a new arrival is on the way.

Bee-themed: You’re a Mom-to-bee

Are you buzzing with excitement about your news? There couldn’t possibly “bee” a cuter way to announce than with a token — a wall hanging, perhaps? — inspired by honey bees.

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