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45 Awesome Foolproof Christmas Gifts for Moms-to-be 2022 Guide from Oprah

Nourishing a new life is not an easy job. Whether a first-time or fourth-time mom, pregnancy takes both a physical and mental toll, so if anyone deserves to be pampered and showered with special gifts, it’s a mother-to-be.

It’s true that many pregnant women, especially new moms, have baby registries, complete with all the essentials they’ll need once baby arrives, but there’s nothing wrong with giving her an off-registry treat. No matter the occasion—her birthday, a baby shower, the holidays, or just because—this type of gift is arguably even more special, since it shifts the focus onto the expecting parent’s needs rather than the child’s.

Appropriate gifts for expecting mothers aren’t hard to come by, either. Pampering gifts—like bath soaks or large body pillows—to help relieve the symptoms of common pregnancy ailments are always appreciated, as are items like clothes to keep her comfy. There are even beautifully curated gift baskets to mark the momentous occasion. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find something special, either. There are plenty of sentimental and luxurious gifts that cost less than $25.

Whether you know a newly expectant mom or one who is days away from meeting her baby, read on for a list of the best gift ideas for pregnant women. There’s something for the expectant mother who adores beauty products and home decor, plus food, tech, and so much more.


A U-shaped body pillow is a great gift for pregnant women, who will need to support their back, knees, neck, and more. It features a detachable extension that can use used as it own full body pillow.

2 BEST ACTIVITY BOOK PLUME The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

There is no slower passage of time than the days leading up to a pregnant woman’s due date. After more than nine long months, mama is ready for baby—but babies come on their own schedules. This comical adult activity book will help distract her while she waits. It’s a must-have gift for pregnant women.


Sore feet is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy, so give her something to help relieve some of the pressure underfoot. These fuzzy slippers will do just the trick, plus they feature gripped bottoms to prevent slips.

4 BEST JOURNAL GIFT KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal

A mom to be gift guide isn’t complete without a journal with prompts to remind her of all the big milestones and emotions that have come along her pregnancy journey.

5 BEST NURSING ROBE GIFT Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Robe

A soft, cozy robe is the perfect gift for the soon-to-be mom, who will have a new appreciation for comfort clothes. Plus, it’s great for the baby to snuggle up in, too.

6 BEST SUPPORTIVE Babymoov Dream Belt Maternity Support Belt

Mom’s carrying a lot of weight these days, and it’s bound to wreak havoc on her back. This supportive belly band can help. It gently cradles and lifts her belly to relieve pressure, plus has dual memory-foam pads to add extra support when lying down.


Honest Mama Beyond the Bump Kit

Nine months of carrying a baby? Hours of delivery? Your pregnant friend deserves this indulgent set from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, which includes bath salts, organic body oil, moisturizing lotion, and baby-safe nip cream.


BEST CLOTHING ModParty Mama Sweatshirt

What new mama doesn’t want to share her status with everyone around her? Sometimes the best mom-to-be gifts are just comfy and simple.

9 BEST LOUNGER FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

Oprah approves of this comfortable lounger, somewhere between pajamas and a robe.


Letters to My Baby

Look no further for a mom-to-be gift that is sentimental. She’ll really appreciate a gift that allows her to record special memories. One day, she’ll share her thoughts with her child, and with 100 pages of space to write, there will be no shortage of beautiful, preserved moments.

11 BEST RELAXING GIFT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

No self-care routine for expecting women is complete without a warm soak after a long day. Add a bath pillow to enhance the relaxation period. It’s a gift for expecting mothers that they’ll really appreciate.

12 BEST SUBSCRIPTION BOX GIFT Mocktail Subscription Box

This zero-proof cocktail subscription box comes in monthly offerings, or you can purchase a one-time gift that comes complete with delicious, fresh ingredients for your pal to make a vibrant mocktail at home. The autumnal “harvest moon” box comes with blackberry black tea, rich fig syrup, cardamom bitters, and ginger and turmeric soda, plus a silicone ice sphere mold and beautiful packaging.

13 BEST SLEEPWEAR Hatch-to-Hospital Box

Hatch specializes in maternity apparel that is meant to be worn during and after pregnancy. This luxe gift set includes a T-shirt dress, jersey robe, cozy socks, and full-coverage underwear so that the mom-to-be will be as comfortable as possible during her hospital stay.


Parents-to-be will cherish this elegant organizer, where they can store and preserve special collectibles like a sonogram photo, hospital bracelet, first teeth, and more.

15 BEST OVERALL GIFT Daft & Co. Premium Wood Sonogram-Size Photo Frame

Chances are your favorite mom-to-be can’t wait to show off her new bundle of joy, and this sentimental gift means she won’t have to. The frame is the perfect size for her latest sonogram picture and features the words “love at first sight.” It’s the sweet gift for expectant mothers.


A great gift set for first-time moms who don’t know what to expect on delivery day, this kit includes essentials for birth recovery and breastfeeding. There are even separate guidebooks for the new mom and the supporter.

17 BESTSELLER ON AMAZON Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

There’s only one thing mama wants to snuggle up to after carrying a growing baby all day—and that’s a life-size pillow. This cult favorite has nearly 5,000 five-star reviews for a reason: It cradles her belly and supports all her aching joints so she can get a better night’s sleep.

18 BEST COMFY APPAREL Ingrid & IsabelR Knit Active Maternity Joggers

Give your friend gifts that can grow as they do. These joggers were designed for pregnant women—they’ve got drawstrings and are adjustable.

19 BEST FUNNY GIFT Safe Baby Handling Tips Board book

This hilarious book is a great gag gift for first-time moms. If she’s lacking experience when it come to childcare, it will teach her the basics in the most laugh-out-loud way possible.

20 BEST INSPIRATIONAL GIFT The Doula Deck for Expecting and New Moms

Help the expectant mom incorporate mindful practices into her self-care routine with this illustrated card deck from a Los Angeles-based doula.

21 BEST FOR MORNING SICKNESS Enteral Health & Nutrition Tummydrops Ginger

Between the nausea, the headaches, and the fatigue, early pregnancy is arguably the toughest stretch. But these natural ginger drops can help ease the quease.

22 BEST BODY BUTTER Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter (Pack of 3)

As her belly grows, her skin will stretch and tighten, which can make for a dry, itchy situation. This smoothing body butter—infused with nourishing shea butter and vitamin E—will keep her skin hydrated. It may even help ward off stretch marks.

23 BEST SELF-CARE GIFT Bio-Oil Skincare Body Oil

Enriched with vitamin A and E, this body oil improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks (not that there is anything wrong with them—she’s giving life, after all!). Gifts for pregnant women should support her in feeling her best and this one will aid in healing pregnancy scars, thanks to its powerful natural oils.

24 BEST HEATING PAD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Pure Enrichment Electric Heating Pad

Ask any pregnant person, and they’ll tell you: Pregnancy isn’t easy. An electric heating pad may momentarily ease the aches and pains that come with a growing belly.

25 BEST FOOD GIFT Mother Snacker Dessert Gift Box

Pregnancy cravings are no joke. If your pal has a sweet tooth, she’ll be very into this gift box, which features a delectable assortment of artisanal treats.

26 BEST PRACTICAL GIFT Orangewindstudio Mama Tote Bag Gift

Gifts for expectant mothers should help them embrace their title of “mama” just a little bit more, and this adorable bag is the perfect gift to do just that. She’ll have a ton to carry with a little one, so this is not only cute but also very practical.

27 BEST SENTIMENTAL GIFT Chronicle Book Letters to My Baby

While your friend is nurturing her bump, she can fill out 12 prompted letters with memories and wishes for her future child to read. With gifts like this, mom-to-be will be easily able to remember this special time of her life.

28 BEST ACHE-RELIEVING Pink Stork Flakes: Pregnancy Bath Salt

Bath time isn’t just about getting in your moment of zen—it’s also about soothing those aching muscles, which is why this bubble bath with salts is formulated to improve magnesium levels in the body, a nutrient that’s been proven to reduce aches and pains.

29 BEST MOMMY AND ME GIFT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Nursing Dress, Robe & Baby Blanket Pouch Set

After a long labor, there’s nothing like changing into your own comfy clothes. Gift this matching set with a luxe robe for mama and a lightweight swaddle for baby. It’ll see her through her time in the hospital, plus many late-night and early-morning nursing sessions.

30 BEST DIAPER BAG Coterie x Caraa Diaper Bag

There’s no doubt mom will be toting a lot in the coming months. With that in mind, one of the best gifts you can give her is a bag that’s suitable for carrying all of that stuff. But she probably doesn’t want one that screams “baby gear.” This beautiful all-black, water-repellent nylon bag has it all—style and 15 dedicated pockets for everything, including magnetic binkie pockets and three insulated pockets for both hot and cold bottles.

31 BEST PRINTABLE GIFT Personalized Printable Family Portrait

Need a thoughtful gift in a hurry? Surprise a first-time mom with her first family portrait. You can print and frame this mod version in a matter of minutes.

32 BEST INTERACTIVE Gray Felt Letter Board 10×10 Inches

What mom-to-be can resist a good bumpie? (That’s a bump selfie, for the uninitiated.) This gender-neutral letter board provides the perfect prop for your newly pregnant friend to track her progress through pregnancy. The fun doesn’t stop there—it’s perfect for tracking baby’s monthly progress during the first year, too.


It’s no secret that being a mom is hard work, but this clever book isn’t your average parenting handbook. It’s a clever, unapologetic guide to help the modern woman crush any self-doubt and realize she’s always enough. It’s an empowering read for anyone, but especially an expectant woman.

34 BEST UNDERWEAR FOR PREGNANT WOMEN SUNNYBUY Maternity High-Waisted Pregnancy Underwear

A high-waisted, stretchy pair of underwear is a great gift for expectant moms. These soft and supple panties are made with 85 percent bamboo fiber, blended with nylon and spandex giving her both comfort and ease of movement. The higher waistband gives extra support to growing tummies as well as allowing room for growth throughout her pregnancy and post-delivery.

35 BEST CANDLE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Ginger June Candle Co Hey Hot Mama Non-Toxic Soy Candle

A unique gift to ensure that new moms carve out time in their busy days to relax and recuperate. These candles are made with all natural and sustainable ingredients, and offer a variety of scents ranging from Lavender Amber to Gardenia Honeysuckle. With the right scent, any mood can be transformed.

36 BEST KEEPSAKE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Compendium “Expecting You” Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Looking for sentimental gifts for pregnant woman in your life? Maybe your sister or BFF? Try this fill-in-the-blank journal, which will help her document her pregnancy from start to finish. It’s a great way for her to work through some of her hopes and fears now, but it also makes for a great family keepsake to share with her child one day.

37 BEST GIFT SET Venetian Decor Oh Baby Petite Nesting Bundle #1

Packaged in a charming gift tin, an organic bamboo French terry onesie, matching knotted hat, and coconut oil robin’s egg soap will elicit oohs and ahhs from mama-to-be.

38 BEST BRA FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – Motherhood Maternity Seamless Maternity Bra

Many women experience notable changes in their breasts during pregnancy, and as with all aspects of this exciting time, comfort is key. Here’s where these maternity bras come in. This seamless bra supports and shapes before and after baby’s arrival, making this gift practical and with added longevity.

39 BEST JEWELRY GIFT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – Gold Mama Nameplate Necklace

Your pregnant friend will be so excited to rock her newest—and most important—title: Mama. The 24-karat-gold-plated nameplate hangs from a 14-karat-gold-filled chain in your choice of three sizes.


If your favorite mom-to-be is sticking close to home in anticipation of baby’s big debut, bring the spa to her. This gift box comes complete with all she needs to bliss out in the bath—a bar of body and face soap, a bath bomb, a lip scrub and face polish, plus a room spray to set the mood.


Sleep might be a scarce commodity for someone carrying a heavy load. Gift the expectant mom a lovely silk eye mask so she can get some shut-eye before her snooze schedule gets totally upended.


Research suggests that eating six dates per day from 36 weeks of pregnancy on can help you have a shorter, easier labor. Is there any gift better than that?


Nourish a newly pregnant friend both inside and out with this great gift set. It comes with three turmeric tonics—a worthy swap for her daily cuppa—to promote skin health, debloating, and immunity, plus offer a little mood boost.


For those who don’t have time to cook (or don’t feel up to it), a gift card for a meal kit delivery service will definitely be appreciated—especially when the yummy options include lemongrass chicken salad, eggs in purgatory, salmon tacos, and more.


Though flowers are always a great congratulatory gift for expecting parents or a newly pregnant friend, a plant lasts much longer—plus, it’s often easier to care for.

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