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8 Best Pregnancy Podcasts to Learn, Laugh and Be Entertained

Podcasts are an easy, fun way to learn about preganncy. You do not even pick up an e book, you can listen to the tips from others who have been there.As busy parents, it can be a leisure time for you while you are taking walks, working out or relaxing.

In this article, we’ll cowl the great pregnancy podcasts so you can pick the correct one.

Pregnancy and start Podcasts

1.Pregnancy and start Podcasts

Being pregnant Podcast

Host: Vanessa Merten

Quantity of Episodes: 300 and counting

The pregnancy Podcast is a pinnacle-rated podcast and has been bringing proof-based totally records to new and expecting mother and father for years. In so many methods, this display is a one-stop-store for answering the largest questions you have about pregnancy, prenatal care, exertions and delivery, postpartum care, and so much more.

Vanessa and her guests will stroll with you step-by way of-step from idea thru being concerned for a newborn. A few of the subjects blanketed are very specific, which means that you’ll be able to cross directly to an episode that solutions the question in your mind. Only a few of the particular topics mentioned (among such a lot of others) encompass:

Morning illness

labor positions and forms of shipping

important prenatal exams and nutrients

visiting even as pregnant

body picture all through and after pregnancy

exercising after shipping

nutrition all through pregnancy

start plans

Navigating the healthcare device

The host treats each challenge as if it’s miles trendy for the listener, so there may be actually no motive to be intimidated in case you’re coming in with little (or no) historical past information. The podcast’s library is complete of useful subjects, and due to the fact episodes are normally handiest 20-half-hour long, it’s smooth to begin and end an entire session even as making dinner.

The beginning Hour

Host: Bryn Huntpalmer

Number of Episodes: 97 and counting

Listeners can count on to laugh, cry, and draw suggestion from girls sharing a number of the most non-public moments of their lives within the delivery Hour podcast. This display couples proof-primarily based statistics with effective storytelling to assist new dad and mom gain a deeper information of pregnancy, start, and postpartum.

Three.Being pregnant personal

Hosts: Dana factors

Range of Episodes: 32

While maximum pregnancy podcasts are topic-primarily based, pregnancy confidential certainly walks with you through each week of your pregnancy (beginning in Week nine). This display walks listeners through the bodily, emotional and/or lifestyle markers girls can expect to experience each week in a friendly, amusing, and conversational manner. Pregnancy confidential is lighter on the research however dives deep into the conversations, emotions, and alternatives ladies frequently have at every level of the manner.

Maximum episodes are 10-20 mins long and brilliant to concentrate to when you need a podcast with a little greater strength. Dana and her guests will help you navigate a variety of conditions and choices, consisting of speaking to your boss about your pregnancy, sharing the information with circle of relatives individuals, making plans a gender display birthday party (if you have one), and figuring out where you’ll have your infant.

The group also addresses a number of the mind you’ll probable have swirling round on your head around body picture, baby names, transport, sex after childbirth, and your dating with the father. By the point you’re equipped to supply, you’ll feel like you’re friends with the crew at being pregnant exclusive!


Four.Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Host: Janet Lansbury

Wide variety of Episodes: 199 and counting

It’s secure to mention Janet is a natural inside the parenting space. She’s a parenting adviser, writer, and representative with thousands and thousands of internet site visitors yearly. She’s the author of two books on parenting and childcare and has dedicated almost two hundred podcast episodes to addressing listeners’ parenting issues using her wealth of information and enjoy.

Janet is ready to break down complicated principles and dynamics in easy phrases in a conversational way. Whilst there truely aren’t any panel-style conversations in this display, the manner wherein Janet discusses subjects will make it experience like she’s sitting right next to you. The podcast library is sizeable and includes quick talks on a number of subjects related to parenting. Over the last several years, Janet has helped listeners better engage with and area their children, assist their kids higher study and play at home, and deal with anxiety in marriage due to youngsters.

New mothers with “tough” kids (those suffering to adjust their emotions or liable to lying and stealing) will discover her data and advice specially helpful. After following Janet for some time, you’ll have a much better expertise of baby development, circle of relatives dynamics, and the strategies you’ll want for each person in your property to thrive.

Five.Satisfactory of each Worlds Podcast

Hosts: Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger

Quantity of Episodes: 142 and counting

The excellent of each Worlds Podcast is quite sincere – the hosts need that will help you thrive as each a mom and a professional! Women—specifically single mothers—are all too often beaten with the aid of the weight of unreasonable expectancies. How can single women with youngsters flourish in every component of existence? Laura (an creator and mom of four) and Sarah (a training health practitioner and mom of ) have positioned their heads together to help mothers do just that.

Whilst you listen in, you could assume to listen approximately paintings/existence stability, career development, parenting, time control, productivity, and making time for amusing. While widespread time is devoted to parenting, the duo is likewise obsessed on displaying you ways you may circulate up in the place of job while elevating a own family properly. Other subjects you could run into encompass:

price range

Maternity leave

Postpartum fitness

barriers ladies revel in within the place of work

Meal making plans and cooking

handling stress and occasional moods

nighttime exercises and logistics with youngsters

youngsters’s sports and journey

girls’s health

The Boob institution

Host: independent Podcast community

Range of Episodes: 182 and counting

This podcast best covers one topic—breastfeeding— however do they cover it nicely!

Whilst different podcasts on pregnancy and parenting speak approximately breastfeeding and pumping to some extent, this one is going to technique the topic from just about every angle you can think about. That is additionally one of the few suggests in this list hosted by means of a collection of moms every week, which adds a truly neat dynamic to the conversation.

Although each episode will cover a exclusive subject matter, you can always assume the panel to overtly talk their successes, their struggles, and the way they agree with social norms and structures shape the manner the arena thinks about and reacts to breastfeeding. The talk is more informal than the being pregnant Podcast, so prepare to analyze in a barely distinctive way.

The Boob organization will train you the whole thing you’ve ever desired to recognise about (and probably a few belongings you never wanted to recognize about) your breasts and how they work. You’ll locate episodes on the way to pump, how and the way regularly to breastfeed, the meals you’ll need to supply healthful breast milk, not unusual breastfeeding expectations, and the infant-wearing garments (e.G., slings, wraps, and many others.) that make breastfeeding as clean as possible. The mothers even address more critical troubles just like the effects of sexual abuse, surgery, and C-sections on the breastfeeding experience.

This podcast deep dives, but you’ll be that much more prepared to take care of your new child properly.

7.Mother to mother Podcast

Hosts: Kate Battistelli, September McCarthy, Jamie Erickson

Range of Episodes: 34 and counting

The three women that host this podcast represent 3 generations of moms that have skilled almost every season of motherhood— – from managing a new child to seeing their person kids enhance families in their own. All 3 individuals are Christians as well, which profoundly shapes the manner they navigate circle of relatives dynamics, discern their children, and deal with struggling and trouble. Even in case you don’t join the Christian faith, there’s incredible insight to be gleaned from their conversations.

In contrast to most of the opposite parenting podcasts obtainable, Kate, September, and Jamie spend a number of time speakme about such things as motherhood anxiety, toddler loss and miscarriage, man or woman development in children, and evaluating your own family to different households. Similarly to their specific angle on these subjects, you’ll also pay attention greater from them about:

How to high school your kids from domestic

great practices for operating moms seeking to increase a own family

Navigating holidays and travel with kids

extended circle of relatives involvement

assisting kids navigate friendships

vitamins and meal planning

constructing a circle of relatives this is responsible with digital tools and social media

Self-care for mothers

Most episodes are between 30-45 minutes, so this is a tremendous pay attention to install while you’re doing the dishes or multitasking on a exceptional project. With an Apple Podcast rating of four.Nine stars, this isn’t one you’re going to want to miss.

Eight. Robust Mommy

Host: Cheryl Butler

Variety of Episodes: 300 episodes and counting

The mighty Mommy podcast is produced through an enterprise called short and grimy recommendations, and that’s precisely what you’re going to get. Every episode is only approximately 15 mins long, and Cheryl dives straight into the concern to hand every time. Though she is really pleasant and lighthearted, there isn’t going to be loads of banter between pals or trailing tales.

As an alternative, Cheryl, a mom of eight children, tackles issues like baby colic, infant tantrums, own family workouts, and socio-emotional improvement head on. Most of the content material you’re going to get is extraordinarily practical and can normally be put into practice right now. From supporting kids navigate failure and loneliness to night terrors and bedwetting, be organized to take some intellectual notes for later!

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