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How does the real doppler sound?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Fetal heartbeat is the most commonly used method to auscultate the fetal heartbeat through the Doppler effect. Usually, a professional doctor needs to use a fetal heartbeat to detect the fetal heart rate at 12-14 weeks after pregnancy. After 16 weeks of pregnancy, a home fetal heartbeat can be used to clearly hear the fetal heartbeat. The frequency and characteristics of fetal heart rate are as follows:

1. Frequency: The normal frequency of the fetal heart rate is generally 120-160 beats, which sounds regular and without gaps. When the fetal movement occurs, the fetal heart rate will become slightly faster. In the absence of fetal movement, the fetal heart beats are more than 160 times per minute, or less than 120 times, indicating that the fetal heart rate is too fast or too slow. Secondly, if the fetal heartbeat is fast and slow, the beating stops and then stops, and there is an interval in the middle, it may indicate a potential problem;

2. Features: The sound of the fetal heart beating is similar to the ticking sound of a clock and the running sound of a horse's hoof.

When measuring fetal heart rate at home, the regnant women should pay attention to the three aspects:

1. When pregnant women measure the fetal heart rate at home, they should pay attention to judgment. Once the fetal heart rate is abnormal, they should be alert to the intrauterine distress caused by fetal hypoxia, seek medical treatment in time, and take corresponding measures;

2. If the month is small, the pregnant woman may not be able to accurately find the fetal heartbeat at home, and there will be a situation where the fetal heartbeat cannot be heard. If the obstetric examination shows that it is normal, there is usually no need to deal with it;

3. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should measure the fetal movement according to the doctor's requirements. If you encounter abnormal fetal movement, you must seek medical attention in time to avoid accidents.

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