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Hearing the fetal heart rate Read the data

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Find the right location of the fetal heart rate, after hearing the stable sound of the fetal heart rate, hold the probe of the baby doppler be still for a period of time, let the probe of the fetal heart monitor receive the stable and consequent signal of the fetal heart rate. The data shows on the digital LCD screen of the baby doppler is a right value at that time. Attention: The data on the digital LCD screen of the baby doppler is not unchangeable, it is variable. There is a little bit up or down in a small range.

The suitable time of detecting fetal heart rate is at 16 weeks of pregnancy. You can do it early at 12 weeks.

There is the suggested detecting time period for daily. It is 30-60 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Surrounding Requirement: There is no electromagnetic or radiation or other interference.

Accessories: Couplant gel, Alcohol wipes (Not included)

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