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How to detect the fetal heart rate ? Very Practical

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Turn on the fetal doppler, put the probe of the fetal doppler onto the belly of pregnant moms, start to explore the location of the fetal heart rate. Searching for the fetal heart location is the most significant step for detecting the fetal heart rate in the whole process of doing home use fetal heart rate detecting. Actually this is the key step of doing at home use fetal heart rate monitoring for fetus. So moms-to-be, read this step very carefully, if you learn this step, it will save much more time for you, half work, but times of benefits~:-)

For the first time user, open the cover of the battery at the back of the doppler machine, put 2 AA Alkaline Battery (not included) inside, the sound of the fetal heart rate monitored by fetal doppler could be heard from the earphone port and external speaker. So plunge the earphone into the earphone jack or let the external speaker play the fetal heart rate out.

Move the probe on the belly, with a soft press, not fly the probe of the fetal doppler over the belly lightly. This will prevent the air sound between the probe of fetal doppler and belly, and let the right fetal heart rate signal be detected well. The easiest way is referring to the doctor’s detecting approach in the healthcare or hospital. The probe position where the doctor puts the probe on in the healthcare is 99% the position of fetal heart rate. And moms and dads will be able to hear the fetal heart beat sound “poof”, “poof” and “poof”.

It is suggested to listen to the baby heart rate gender for 1-2 minutes for one time usually. If the fetal heart rate is between 120-160 FHR per minute when it is counted, it is in a normal range. Please you may rest assured.

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