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The right fetal position for delivering-Occiput anterior

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The right fetal position for delivering-Occiput anterior

The best fetal position for your baby to be shortly before birth is feet up, head down, facing your back, with their back resting against your belly. This means that they can exit the birth canal with the back of their head, closest to your pubic bone.

The medical name for this position is occiput anterior or OA. You may also hear the terms vertex position and cephalic position, which refer to any position where the baby’s head is in the pelvis and is the presenting part.

This baby position is the easiest way for your baby to move downward and for you to give birth — not that there is an easy way! The downward fetal position helps the baby fit through the birth canal in the best way.

However, sometimes your baby has other plans and may decide they don’t want to be in that position no matter how many hours you’ve been in labor for. Or they might get into position and then decide to acrobat into another one and refuse to budge.

PS: Other kinds of fetal positioning your baby might be in, that can make for a more challenging labor or the need for cesarean delivery (C-section). You need help from doctors.

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