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Homedoremi Baby Doppler: Built-in Speaker 0.372 IBS Waterproof & No Radiation

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Technical Specifications:

    • Probe Frequency: 2.5 MHz +/-10%
    • Error Range: +/-2 beats per minute
    • Rate Display Range: 30-240 beats per minute
    • Weight: 0.372 ibs
    • Dimension: 6.3'*4.25'*2.28'
    • Battery, 2*AA Alkaline Battery (not included)


    How to Use the Pocket Fetal Doppler ?


    1.Open the cover of the battery at the back of the baby doppler machine, put 2 AA  Alkaline Battery (not included) inside of the pocket fetal doppler;

    2.Turn on the fetal heart rate monitor/fetal doppler; The digital screen of fetal heart rate monitor will light up.

    3.This is a fetal doppler of built-in speaker. Plunge the earphone into the earphone jack or let the built-in speaker play the fetal heart rate out. Adjust the volume of the baby doppler when you need it;

    4.Put the probe of the baby doppler for gender onto the belly, start to explore the location of the fetal heart rate.

    5.Searching for the fetal heart rate location. After confirming the location, set up a 1-2 minutes time, count the heart beat. That is the fetal heart rate (FHR)/m.

    6.Once done, turn the 8 week fetal heart rate monitor for gender off and remove the probe of the fetal doppler from the belly. Wipe the detecting place clean with 70% ethanol wipes for disinfection. The monitoring is done.


Liliana M. Garcia, United States

This doppler makes the dream of  me and my husband of listening to our 12 weeks unborn little baby’s beautiful and heavenly heartbeat come true just at our own home! It brings my sweet family a lot joy, delight and happiness!


Emily R. White , United States

This is an amazing baby heart rate monitor I have ever used. I am a pregnant mom-to-be for the first time. Usually feel unease when the fetus has no interaction with me when I am alone. I gave this a try introduced by one of my moms--to-be friends. It detects the little unborn one's heart rate very easily in minutes. And the LCD screen shows the data clearly, I just use it with a left hand holding the probe, it is all done!


Christiana L. Borie, United States

I and my family are so happy to find such a lightweight and petite pocket fetal doppler at pregnant time. It get rid of all our anxiety caused by random unborn baby's motionless status. It monitors baby's heart frequency fast. Highly recommend for 8 weeks above pregnant moms !

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